Lena performs in weekly and monthly shows with The Improv Conspiracy Theatre as a member of the ensemble. 


The Remix

Lena performs in the flagship Saturday show, The Remix, at The Improv Conspiracy theatre. This show combines special guest storytellers and live improvised comedy. 

For the next Remix show, check out here for tickets.


Heralayan Salt Lamps

The Heralayan Salt Lamps are an all female improv force.

Lena has been a proud member of this Melbourne based group of friends, improvisers and production team since 2017.  Heralayan features actors, film makers, comics, writers, theatre practitioners and candlestick makers who come together for their monthly show to create fun, laughs and a show you'll never be able to explain to your friends.

To keep up to date with their shows, follow them on Facebook here.




During 2017, Lena performed with her Harold Team Fuggtown weekly at Harold Night. 

This team is still kicking so make sure to check them out, information on their shows here.

The Dairy Kweenz

Lena wrote and performed as a part of two sketch shows with the troupe, Dairy Kweenz  in late 2016 and early 2017.  They also performed monthly at The Improv Conspiracy.

Follow the Dairy Kweenz on Facebook here.