Filmed work

Lena's body of work spans roles like: Director, Writer, Editor, Director of Photography, Assistant Director, Actor, Sound person, 2nd Assistant Camera. 


One apartment, two friends, and an exponential number of fandoms to argue about.
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Proud director of two above episodes.


Directed by Lena Moon & Alexander Moore
Written by Lena Moon & Alexander Moore
Director of Photography Pat Neff
Produced by Alex Byne
Edited by Thomas Wilkinson

Starring Tavis Urquhart, Ivanka Sokol & William Ewing.

Splendr was awarded the best screenplay and Richard Franklin Award for Best film at the 2013 Swinburne Graduate Night. 
It screened at LA Indie Film Festival (USA) in 2015 and the Byron Bay International Film Festival  (AUS) in 2015.


All written collaboratively by the Dairy Kweenz, more on their sketch here.

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Directed & Shot Silent Majority Syndrome. 
Shot & starred in Traffic Light Party
Starred in Bumped


Regular Orange

Directed by Lena Moon

Starring: Molly Daniels, Ryan Zorzut, Shane Henry, Laura Buskes, Hayley Tantau, Caitlyn Staples, Louise Cox, Josh Chodziesner & Lena Moon
Written by Josh Chodziesner
Shot by Simon McCulloch
Sound: James Ward
Post Production: Mario Hannah

Please Leave 2016

Directed by Lena Moon

Starring: Tiana Hogben, Shane Henry, Elyce Phillips, Colwyn Buckland & Randy Adeva.
Written by Elyce Phillips
Shot by Simon McCulloch
Sound by Matt Jenner
& special thanks to Caitlyn Staples.

Screened at Straight to Video.

Beard Diary

Aired at Straight to Video in 2017

Directed by Lena Moon

Starring & Written by Matt Jenner
Sound by Shane Henry


Improv Mom

Aired at Straight to Video in 2017

Directed by Lena Moon

Starring: Melissa McGlensley, David Todman, Shea Evans, Broni Lisle, Randy Adeva & Brendan Wan
Written by Melissa McGlensley